Securi-Store Retail Security

Securi-Store Architectural Shop Front Systems

A family of products based around the needs of the retail sector – whether a local community convenience store, or a large multiple retail supermarket, BGID Securi-Store products provide the answer for a visible, physical security system.


From Securi-Store, Kestrel Shop Front Systems and Kestrel Glazed Curtain Walling, comprising aluminium sections – usually powder coat paint finished to colour – appropriate safety glazing – hinged, pivoting or sliding door panels – manual or power operated with PIR sensing and safety overrides to current EU legislation requirements.


To Securi-Store Shop Front Roller Shutters – solid lath – punched lath – perforated lath – all usually powder coat paint finished and either manual or, more conveniently, motorised with a variety of low voltage control systems. Securi-Store Window Grilles and Bars – usually fixed for permanent protection – manufactured from galvanised steel and powder coat paint finished to RAL standard colour.


For improved security within retail premises, BGID Securi-Store Boxes, Cupboards and Bond Rooms are available in a range of standard sizes or made to measure. Of similar robust construction to BGID’s Steel Security door and frame sets, these products provide substantial protection to valuable or desirable stock such as tobacco products – wines and spirits – photographic equipment – computer peripherals etc.


Protection for the shop front itself, and indeed for the side or rear access doors to the building, can be provided by incorporating BGID’s Securi-Store Anti Ram-Raid Bollards and Churchill Steel Security door and frame sets. Both offer a clearly visible, and substantial physical barrier.

The Securi-Store Range

Shop Front Systems

A Kestrel shop front system, comprising Kestrel aluminium framed and suitably glazed windows and doors combined with BGID’s own Securi-Store range of shop front rolling shutters.


  • Materials: A range of Kestrel aluminium sections extruded from 6063 T6 alloy to BS 1474 stansard are used to create an architectural aluminium system which will provide shop fronts and entrance units capable of meeting the demands of busy public, commercial and retail premises.
  • Doors: The range of Kestrel profiles available allows a choice between, pivot swing, hinged swing and sliding access doors. All doors are internally beaded for security, and open over low or no threshold, allowing easy access for wheel chair users and safe pedestrian walk through.
  • Glazing: Glazing conforms with the requirements of BS EN 12600 and to BS 6262 for thickness and type. Glazing beads and gaskets can accommodate glass between 6 mm. to 28 mm. nominal thickness, which meets the requirements of BS6262 Code of Practice for Glazing of Buildings.
  • Door Controls: Entrance doors are often automated with appropriate electric motors, and control units offering volumetric sensors using infra-red or microwave technology – safety photocells and digital or key selectors are also available. Installation of this equipment conforms with BS EN 16005 : 2012 and to BS 7036, which covers the safety of powered doors for pedestrian use. BGID have teamed up with UK manufacturer JMD Automatic Doors to provide power operated doors of every type, with control systems to suit individual client requirements.
  • Finish: The Kestrel aluminium sections are normally powder coat paint finished to RAL standard colour and to BS 6496 – where the sections are anodised, this is to 25 microns in accordance with BS 3987 1991. All sections are pre-treated and Phosphated prior to powder coat paint finishing in BGID’s own continuous process plant, to ensure quality and consistency of the paint finish.
Shop Front Roller Shutters

A clearly visible security barrier of all galvanised steel construction, providing a very obvious deterrent to the would be criminal.


  • Curtain: Shutter lath manufactured from curved 0.9 mm. (20g) x 75 mm. galvanised steel.
  • Lath Punching: Lath is supplied solid (no through vision) or with 3 mm. staggered perforated pattern, or punched 125 mm. x 25mm., available in-line or brick bond pattern.
  • Guide Channel: 75 mm. deep x 32 mm. wide x 3 mm. wall thickness
  • Canopy: 0.9 mm. (20g) galvanised steel formed to enclose head plates, motor and barrel assembly.
  • Operation: Manual with counter balanced spring assembly, or electric, with built in tubular motor incorporating fail safe anti drop mechanism and a variety of low voltage controls.
  • Finish: Supplied galvanised as standard, or can be fully factory powder coat paint finished to RAL standard colours.
Window Grilles & Bars

Another clearly visible security barrier to protect valuable stock – usually used on side or rear windows, providing permanent protection.


  • Grilles & Bars: Manufactured from 19 mm. mild steel round bar to standard or individual client pattern.
  • Outer Frame: Manufactured from 50 x 10 mm. mild steel flat to provide substantial fixing points for the grille or bar assembly into the surrounding structure.
  • Finish: Can be supplied primed, but more commonly fully factory powder coat paint finished to RAL  standard colour.
Box Cupboards & Bond Rooms

A family of tough strong boxes and cupboards, providing secure storage for valuable stock. Available in a range of standard sizes, or made to measure.


  • Wall & Roof Panels: Manufactured from 1.5 mm. galvanised steel sheet, folded and welded to shape, with galvanised steel bracing for strength and to provide shelving support. Note that roof panels to Bond Rooms, are supplied with a channel section boundary frame for improved location and fixing.
  • Access Door(s): Manufactuared from 1.5 mm. galvanised steel sheet, folded and welded to shape, and with galvanised steel bracing for strength and for hardware location.
  • Hardware: Doors to Securi-Store Bond Rooms and Cupboards are supplied with continuous full height hinges, and 2 no. BGID internally mounted lock bars with bullet locks – for Securi-Store Boxes, a heavy duty hasp and staple with padlock is supplied.
  • Shelving: Securi-Store Bond Rooms and Cupboards are supplied with a “Spur” type, fully height adjustable shelving system, complete with either block board or steel shelving.
  • Finish: As standard, supplied galvanised steel and grey primer painted – optional to be fully factory powder coat paint finished to RAL standard colour.
  • Sizes: 

    Securi-Store Bond Rooms:
    SSR/1     2400 mm. H x 1830 mm. W x 2440 mm. D
    SSR/2     2400 mm. H x 1830 mm. W x 1830 mm. D
    SSR/3     2400 mm. H x 1830 mm. W x 1200 mm D
    H x 2000 mm. W x 2000 mm. D

    Securi-Store Storage Boxes:
    SSB/1     914 mm. H x 568 mm. W x 521 mm. D
    SSB/2     914 mm. H x 1143 mm. W x 521 mm. D
    SSB/3     914 mm. H x 1143 mm. W x 978 mm. D

Securi-Store Storage Cupboards:
SSC/1     2050 mm. H x 914 mm. W x 610 mm. D
SSC/2     2050 mm. H x 1220 mm. W x 610 mm. D

In line with BGID’s policy that “flexibility is our strength” each of these products can be custom built to suit individual site conditions.

BGID'Secure Storage Cupboard
Anti Ram-Raid Bollards

A range of fixed and removable bollards, which are ideal for protecting access points – driveways and specific parking areas.


  • Fixed Bollards: 125 mm. x 2 mm. wall thickness – protrudes 950 mm. above ground level, and the base is supplied with welded on spigots to assist with positive location.  Bollards are supplied with a removable cast aluminium cap – can therefore be filled with concrete for even greater strength.
  • Removable Bollards: 125 mm. x 2 mm. wall thickness – protrudes 950 mm. above ground level and complete with 125 mm. x 125 mm. x 305 mm. deep box with flush fitting lid. Bollards are supplied with cast aluminium cap.
  • Finish: Grey primer painted as standard, but also available fully factory powder coat paint finished to RAL standard colour.